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Pure sine wave inverter 2.5kva

Product introduction:

  • Product details
  • Technical parameter
  • Case study
  • Capacity:2.5KVA

    Input DC volt:24V

    Pure sine wave output

    Powerful Charge Rate Up to 140 AMP

    Solar charge controller 50A optional

    Automatically send signal to start generator

    DC Start & Automatic Self-Dignostic Function

    High Efficiency Design & "Power Saving Mode" to Conserve Energy

    Auto restart when AC in recovering

    Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance

    Selectable charging current based on applications

  • Model2500VA
    Input Voltage(DC)24V
    Input Nominal Voltage220VAC
    Input Voltage Range154-265VAC(AC Model);185-264VAC+-3V(UPS Model)
    Input Frequency50-60HZ Auto sensing
    Output Voltage220VAC
    Output Frequency50/60HZ
    Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
    Output Transfer Time (AC to DC)<8ms
    Output Transfer Time (DC to AC)<8ms
    Output Voltage Regulation±10%
    Output Bypass ModeYes
    Output Saver ModeYes
    Output Efficiency>98%
    Input ProtectionCircuit Breaker
    Output ProtectionCircuit Breaker
    Battery TypeAGM-Deep Cycle ,Gel/Up to 500AH,Tubular Battery
    Battery AC Charging Current30A
    Battery Low Level disconnect (Selectable)20V or 21V
    Solar Charge PWM controller Voltage30VDC-66VDC
    Solar Charge Maximum PV array power1200W
    Solar Charge Maximum PV display open circuit voltage60VPWM
    Solar Charge Maximum solar charge current50A
    LCD indicator statusAC input voltage, AC input frequency, PV voltage, PV current, Output Voltage, Output Frequency, Battery voltage, Load current etc.
    LED indicator statusAC Line In:Green/Inverter:Green/Charging :Yellow/Alarm :Red
    Alarm LOW battery alarmAudible alarm-5 seconds beeping
    Alarm Overload alarmAudible alarm- continuous beeping
    Alarm FaultAudible alarm- continuous beeping
    Humidity—10~90 Non condensing
    Accoustic Noise(db)>55dB
    Size L*W*H(mm)454*243*39
    Packaging L*W*H(mm)464*253*401
    Weight (kg)17